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Digital LCD Alcohol Breath Tester Breathalyzer Analyzer Detector


Digital LCD Alcohol Breath Tester Breathalyzer Analyzer Detector TQ00099


Technical Parameters

Display three-digit display (x.xx ‰ BAC)

Detection range 0.00 2.00 ‰ BAC or 0.00-1.00 Mg / L

Recovery time 30 seconds

Warm-up time 15 seconds

Induction time: 5 seconds

Extremely low power consumption Two alkaline AA batteries can be tested more than 300 times.

Characters are bright Red LED displays data and is clearly visible at night.

Audible alarm When the alcohol content exceeds the limit, the buzzer will alarm automatically.

Shock-resistant housing.

Dimension: 120x 45x20 (mm),

Weight: 85g (excluding battery)


Standard configuration host, 6 mouthpieces, instruction manual, instrument box.


Operation method

1. Press and hold the power switch for about 2 seconds, the buzzer beeps, and the instrument performs internal self-test and warm-up. The display counts down from 150 for 15 seconds. If the sensor warm-up is completed, the number counts down to 000 and enters the BLOW state. .

2. When the countdown ends, a sound prompt will be issued, and the green light will turn on, and the screen will display the letter "BLO", indicating that the instrument is normal, and the blow detection will begin.

3. Blow at the air inlet for about 5 seconds. If alcohol is detected, a long beep sounds from the buzzer. After the countdown of 003,002,001 appears on the digital tube, the concentration data is displayed. If the concentration is between 0.00 and 0.05, Only the green light flashes, and the buzzer emits short syllables of B, B, B; if it is greater than or equal to 0.05, only the red light flashes, accompanied by a rapid audible alarm Didi Didi long sound. The instrument display turns OFF after the concentration data is held for 15 seconds.


If no alcohol gas is detected, after BLO blinks for 10 seconds, the display result will be 0.00.

If no alcohol is detected in the air blowing or no test is performed within 30 seconds after the power is turned on, the instrument display changes from 000 to 0FF.

When the instrument encounters high-concentration alcohol gas, it is recommended to leave the instrument for 5-10 minutes for testing, because alcohol gas may remain in the cavity, causing the test to be inaccurate. Or count down to warm up three times, ERR appears on the screen, and an error message indicates that the instrument cannot be detected immediately. You need to wait for the residual gas to be eliminated before testing.

A yellow light indicates that the battery voltage is low and the battery needs to be replaced.



When drinking, it is recommended to wait for 20 minutes before testing, because the digestion and absorption time of alcohol in human organs is about 20 minutes, and the alcohol remaining in the mouth also needs a little time to decompose and dissipate.


u In order to make the data test more accurate, do not repeat the test within 2 minutes after one test. Do not smoke or eat for 20 minutes.

uDo not blow liquid or smoke into the machine, otherwise the sensor will be damaged.

Do not blow smoke into the air holes. No liquid can enter the stomata. Do not block the air vents.

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