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50Meter 220V 230V 240V waterproof self-adjusting heating cable



The cable is designed to be used in the antifreeze requirements of residential water pipes and solar water pipes in winter to keep the water in the pipeline above 0 degrees Celsius and does not require a controller. The cable is very easy to install and is suitable for metal and plastic water pipes. We use pure copper as the conductor, and the PE sheath is more durable and UV resistant than the PVC sheath.


This self-regulating heating cable is widely used in firefighting, petroleum, chemical industry, steel, electricity, etc., to maintain the temperature of pipelines and storage tanks, and to prevent frostbite, roofs and gutters from melting snow. There is a uniform core strip of PTC material between two parallel metal bus bars. When the two bus bars at one end of the cable are connected to the power supply, the current flows from one bus bar to the other bus bar through the PTC material layer. The PTC layer is a resistance heating body, which is connected in parallel between the bus bars to convert electrical energy into heat. The resistance of the core band increases with the increase in temperature, reaching about 65 degrees. The resistance is too large to almost block the current. The temperature of the core band reaches the upper limit and no longer rises, but automatically limits the temperature. The self-limiting temperature heating zone has uniform temperature, but it is not too hot, saving electric energy, and heating temperature quickly. It can be cut and used arbitrarily within the longest use length of the electric heating belt, and can overlap and cross.



Product name: Water pipe heating cable/self-regulating heating cable.

Length: 50meter

Voltage: 200V240V

Power: 17W/M(5W/FT)@10'C

Maximum working temperature: 60'C

Minimum installation temperature: -40'C

Starting current: less than 0.6A/M

Minimum bending radius: @20'C:25.4MM @ -30'C:35.0MM

Structure: 1. Pure copper conductor 2. PTC heating conductor 3. PE insulation

Maximum circuit length: 20 meters.



1X standard factory box package.

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