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Jade Identification Jadeite Charles Filter TJF01



Optical characteristics: transmission of dark red light and a small amount of yellow-green light, absorb green light and other shade. Because of its transmission of shade and absorb the characteristics of shade, to us in the identification of a variety of colored green gem and blue gemstones to provide a great help, especially Hetian fake seed material dyed leather and antique jade stains Qin It is for the collectors to save a lot of uplift.
The color of the gemstones observed under the color filter
 Green gem
Natural green emerald *********************************** Green to gray green
Artificially stained green emerald *************************** yellow red pink to dark red
Most Emerald 1 ************************************ Red to Pink
Little Part of Emerald 2 **************************************** Dark Green
Synthetic Emerald *************************************** Bright red
Natural green chalcedony board ******************************************** Green
Artificially colored green chalcedony
Natural green agate ******************************************** Green
Artificially stained green agate *************************************** Dark red
Green glass **********************************************
Green green tourmaline ******************************************** green
Green Garnet ******************************************** Pink
Green zircon ********************************************** pink
Blue gem
Sapphire ***************************************** Light blue to gray blue
Fake Sapphire (Cobalt Blue Glass) **************************** Bright red
Aquamarine ***************************************** Green to Gray Green
Iron and blue glass ************************************* Gray to gray blue
Blue Topaz ***************************************** Gray to gray red
Contains cobalt blue porcelain ***************************************** Bright red
Blue zircon ***************************************** green to gray green
Natural Blue Spinel ************************************* Gray to Light Red
Synthetic Blue Spinel ***************************** Bright red (cobalt)
Red gem
Hetian jade with red leather seed material ****************** keep the original red unchanged
Dyeing and Tian Yu with red leather seed material ******* Reder than the original red red and red
Ancient jade color ******************************* Keep the original red unchanged
Antique jade color ********************** red than the original red red and red
Natural and man-made ruby ​​************************************* bright red
Garnet ************************************************ Black and gray
Red tourmaline ******************************************** gray blue
Red spinel ******************************************** bright red

[Color filter to identify the use of jade]
Using a strong warm light irradiation fixed jade, color filter close to the eyes to observe.
Dyeing Jade is almost red with a green organic dye in the color filter, only in the case of the use of special dyes are not red. Natural green emerald no change in the color filter, dyeing jade almost all red, so the use of color filters to identify them very effective.
(Left) and natural emerald ring (right), the two are similar to the green, the lower left: plus Charles filter observation, natural jade green part of the gray-green, and the green part of the stained emerald into red.

Color filters (ColourFilter) or called emerald color filter (Emerald Filter), also known as beryl (Beryloscope).
At present, precious stones are widely used in color filters, and the variety is better, but the performance of the Charles Colors is the best.

In the correct inspection conditions, the natural emerald green color filter is absorbed, generally dark pink. Only some green gems close to the emerald color, light green gem was dark pink, bright green gem was similar to the red ruby ​​(but the following mentioned synthetic emerald is slightly dark), the color of the show workers Characteristics of natural stone. This is similar to the case of fluorescent testing. However, South Africa and India produced emerald because of the low chromium content, under the color filter is still green and no pink or red.

Other imitation emerald green glass and mezzanine gemstones are colored green (except for natural gemstones) under color filters. Synthetic emerald such as Chatham emerald and so are bright red. Like ruby ​​and red spinel in the fluorescent check produced in the same bright colors. It is almost impossible to judge that the emeralds are bright red in the color filter. But the addition of iron synthetic emerald in the color filter without change, we must pay attention.

Under normal circumstances, light green synthetic spinel in the color filter without change, while the blue-green synthetic spinel was red. In fact, as the sapphire type, the wrong type of blue synthetic spinel with the color depth changes in the filter under the red to reddish changes.

Natural rubies and synthetic rubies are bright red under the color filter. And thus difficult to identify through the color filter. In general, the synthetic ruby ​​color in the color filter and the same in the ultraviolet fluorescence, more than natural ruby ​​was more bright red, and natural red spinel in the color filter was also bright red, but slightly weaker than ruby.

Uranium glass sapphire imitation products in the color filter was bright red. Other blue glass imitations colored by iron and copper are not red. Green glass imitation according to the above green stone as observed.

Dyeing Jade is almost red with a green organic dye in the color filter, only in the case of the use of special dyes are not red. Natural green emerald no change in the color filter, almost all stained emerald red, so the use of color filters to identify them very effective. 


Be prepared to be observed, use a full spectrum xenon torch to illuminate and let the light through the observed objects, and place the filter on the object and the light source.

Noted: The light source of the filter must be compatible with the filter, which must be a full spectrum xenon light source, which can be full spectrum xenon flashlight, or and experiment to a gem fiber optic lamp.




Model: TJF01 Charles Filter.

Material: optical lens+ plastic body.

Lens type: optical fiber glass

Size: 90mm x 30 x 5mm

Lens size: 19mm

Package Weight: 50g

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