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Yellow light xenon lamp full color spectrum identification jade




This flashlight is a full-color spectrum xenon lamp, which can individually identify jade, jewelry, porcelain, etc., and can also be used with other identification instruments.

The penetration power of the spotlight head is guaranteed, 5 times the penetration power. The lengthened spotlight head design has a penetrating power 5 times that of a general wide-mouth flashlight, allowing the light source to penetrate into the jade.

Round polishing process, the lamp holder adopts polishing process, will not scratch the jade.

XEON full spectrum xenon lamp.

Rechargeable with dedicated charger.

Lengthen the lampshade 5 times penetration.

Jewelry identification auxiliary light source.

Polished lamp holder does not hurt jade.

High-capacity lithium battery life guarantee.

Light source introduction:

Full spectrum refers to the spectrum containing ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light and the ratio of red, green and blue in the visible light part is similar to sunlight, and the color rendering index is close to 1. The spectrum of sunlight can be called the full spectrum. In the artificial light source, the content of mercury is increased in the arc tube of the arc discharge gas discharge lamp to increase the light energy of the ultraviolet light and adjust the metal halide ratio to make the visible light part. The combination of wavelengths in each band is close to the solar spectrum.



1. Identify staining with color filter

2. Identify the pleochroism of gemstones with dichroic mirrors.

3. Cooperate with spectroscope to identify gemstone spectrum.

4. Auxiliary light source for jewelry magnifying glass.

Light source: full spectrum yellow light

Gear position: strong and weak two gears

Battery: Built-in lithium battery

Length: 155 mm

Width: 38 mm

Thickness: 25 mm

Net weight: 330 grams



1x xenon lamp

1x charger

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