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Tire pressure gauge pressure table table TTG02


Size: Long:100mm; Head50 mm; High 25mm
Weight: 130 g
This product, is the largest export sales in the Middle East, all metal, detachment performance in extreme heat, the desert environment, general barometer is unmatched!

Directions for use
Table of the mouth on the tyres on mouth press is reading
1. The tire pressure gauge valve interface pressure car tyres on the mouth, until the pointer to high pressure, and read in use will put out a breath.
2. After the test, press the reset button, and give the tyres to cover the gas cap.

The nine big harm of tire pressure is not normal
Auto air pressure too low
1 car fuel consumption increase
2 the tyre wear, reduce the service life
When the car air pressure is too high
4 the brake performance
5 tires fast grinding
6 tire grip
7 increase wear suspension system
The flat tire completely
8 to continue driving will cause tire completely damaged
Tire pressure imbalance
9 driving and braking to wandering

The detailed method of use:
Inner ring is the pressure of the tire pressure gauge readings, the unit is kg/cm2, and said a atmospheric pressure is usually, if you are the car, air pressure generally at about 2.6 bar, also is the inner ring between 2 and 3, the outer ring is another unit, generally don't mind. Unavailable, aim the nozzle air pressure of the tire valve mouth, can be read to, one of the most simple way is, when you feel pressure is normal, use this tire pressure gauge to measure the pressure of the tire you, if is 2.9 (the equivalent of 2.9 kg/cm2) of inner ring, with the standard of the normal pressure of the tire to you later when, taking this as a benchmark. But most have normal how much is the air pressure in the tyre label. They typically is an atmospheric pressure for the unit.

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