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12K 100meter carbon fiber heating wire Silicone rubber wire



Silicone heating wire is also called silicone heating wire or silicone heating cable. It is mainly composed of alloy heating wire and silicone rubber high temperature insulating cloth. It has the characteristics of fast heating, uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency, and good toughness.

Edit the structure of this paragraph The resistance alloy wire is wound on the glass fiber wire, or a single (multiple) resistance alloy wire is twisted into the core wire, and the outer layer is covered with a silicone/PVC insulation layer.

1. It has excellent heat resistance, can be used for a long time at 150°C with almost no change in performance, and can be used continuously for 10,000 hours at 200°C.   

2. Excellent insulation, insulation resistance greater than 500MΩ, its resistance remains stable in a wide temperature and frequency range, and has good resistance to high-voltage corona discharge and arc discharge.   

3. It is flame-retardant and self-extinguishing. Because silicone rubber does not contain halide, it does not emit smoke or emit poisonous gas when burned. It is suitable for various occasions with strict fire protection.   

4. It has good cold resistance and excellent medical rationality.

Applicable to: floor heating, insulation boards, electric blankets, thermostats and other products.

Installation suggestion: Due to the characteristics of carbon fiber cable, the cable cannot be used for a long time. For floor heating, we recommend using 10M per block and connect all blocks together. Keep the distance between the cables 812cm.



Product Name: Carbon Fiber Heating Wire

Insulation material: Silicone rubber

Maximum temperature: 200 degrees

Heating temperature: according to the use time

Heating conductor: 12K

Leakage current: 0.05MA/M

The maximum power that the product can withstand: 25W/M

color: red

Infrared wavelength: 8Um-18um

Conductor resistance: 33+/-10%o/M

Diameter: 3+/-0.1MM (thicker and safer)




1X standard factory box package.

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