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0-225mm digital Magnetic With cross ray laser level angle ruler



Digital display reading, with cross ray, buzzer warning, bottom with magnet, backlight display, comfortable hand feeling.

The bottom has a strong magnetic adsorption measuring surface, which can adsorb metal surfaces.

Rugged and durable, aluminum alloy ruler body is more stable for measurement.

Inverted reading, automatic flip, the number is automatically flipped when inverted.

Multi-key operation:

a: Short press to turn on and reset, long press to turn off.

b: Short press to lock and unlock, long press to beep on and off.


Range: 0-90 degree; 0-225mm

Accuracy: 0.05 degree

Repeatability: 0.1 degree

Laser range: 2 meters

Working environment: 0-40'C, humidity <80%

Storage environment: -2060'C

Size: 26x63/mm

Introduction of level unit:

It is generally the unit of the level of the spirit level, and also refers to the curvature of the material.

For example, the level of the spirit level: 0.03mm/m means that the height difference is 0.03mm in the length of one meter.

This is often used in the installation and alignment of equipment and the level measurement of civil foundations.

Material curvature: 2.5mm/m means that the curvature measured by a steel pipe with a length of 1 meter is 2.5mm.

The horizontal sensitivity of the level meter is 0.03mm/m, which means that the level meter is placed on a 1m-long straight gauge or flat plate. The two ends of the straight gauge or flat plate have a height difference of 0.03mm. At this time, there will be a bubble at the level gauge. The difference in scale.

1 in inch = 25.4 mm, 1 ft foot = 0.3048 meters

1 in/ft = 1*25.4/0.3048mm/m=83.33mm/m

3. 0 is the unit of the level of the spirit level, which measures the angle difference with the horizontal plane.

4.% is slope=tan degree

Instance degree relationship:

If angle 0 is 1degree, then tan 1degree=0.0174

Then the slope %=tan 1degree*1000 (one meter equals 1000 millimeters)=0.0174*1000=17.4mm/m

Curvature in/ft=17.4mm/m/83.33=0.208in/ft.

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