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UV fluorescent lamp jewelry identification tool TQ00145




Gemstones of any color, luster, transparency, and shape can be observed using ultraviolet fluorescent lamps. The eyepiece of the dark box is small and the observation range is wide.

Special filter (only emits long-wave (LW) with a wavelength of 365nm or short-wave (SW) purple light with a wavelength of 253.7nm.

The ultraviolet lamp has two wavelengths, and there is a light switch button, which is convenient for switching between long and short waves.

There is a color filter in the lamp holder, which only allows effective ultraviolet light to pass through the color filter.

The dark box has a good shading effect, and no outside light enters the dark box during use.



Step 1: Wipe the gemstones, place the gemstones on the black background of the gemstone compartment of an ultraviolet fluorescent lamp, and close the gemstone compartment cover.

Step 2: Keep your eyes close to the viewing window, let your eyes adapt to the gems in the gem storehouse, and pay attention to whether there is any influence from the surrounding lights to make the gems completely dark.

Step 3: Find the power switch of the UV lamp and wait for a while (waiting for the emission of UV light). Press the LW button for 2-3 seconds and release it. The long-wave UV lamp turns on. Observe the fluorescent color and intensity of the gemstone and record and then press the SW button. The short-wave lamp is on for 2-3 seconds, observe the color and intensity of the gemstone and record it. After the observation is completed, turn off the UV lamp.



Model: TQ00145

Filter: custom UV violet lens.

Body Material: metal shell.

Power supply: 220V.

Light source: 365nm; 253.7nm

Dimension: 170x170x140/mm

Weight: about 4kgs




1 X UV Fluorescent Light Box set


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